Access to the world’s top talent on an as-needed basis.
John Stingley has worked as writer/creative director at some of the world’s premiere creative advertising agencies… spanning a range of clients from Spam to Porsche and winning virtually every advertising award, including Cannes Film Festival Lions, Clios and One Show medals.  John was featured in the book, The Copy Book:  How 32 Of The World’s Best Advertising Writers Write Their Advertising, published by London’s Designers and Art Directors Association.

ArtHowever, the very nature of creativity means thinking outside the norm, and it became clear that a one-size-fits-all approach to building brands is no longer the solution.

With that in mind, The Observatory was formed.

John’s career has resulted in relationships with some of the most lauded creative thinkers across a myriad of disciplines.  From writers and art directors to graphic designers, product designers, film directors, photographers, event planners, even retail space designers… to name a few.  All among the most visionary in their fields.  That network forms the basis of The Observatory.

The Observatory core group works with clients to determine needs and opportunities.  Then, a team of elite talent can be formed around each specific situation.  And that team can change and evolve on a moment’s notice… as the needs do.  For the CARE commercial you can see on this site, John was able to pull in an Oscar-nominated cinematographer and put together a production team in South Africa on short notice.  The results are self-evident.

It means getting brilliant, cutting-edge solutions from teams you normally couldn’t assemble… while avoiding overhead for things you don’t need. arrow


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