Any advertising agency can create ads. Few can create a phenomenon.

In the continuum of time and civilization, it wasn’t that long ago that television came along and opened a window for everyone to far-flung corners of the globe. Suddenly, new and exciting ideas came along every day. All a company had to do was hitch themselves to one of those ideas, create a clever television commercial, and a phenomenon was born.

Today, all that has changed. The very communication that created all the excitement has dulled our senses. We feel like we’ve seen and heard it all. Globalization has led to a global sameness. Companies are clawing and scraping, trying to differentiate themselves.

But one thing hasn’t changed: Big ideas aren’t created by big companies. They never have been. They’re created by visionaries who understand human nature… and the commonalities of people that endure as time and technology march on.

The good news is, they’re still out there…those seers with an uncanny instinct for human truths… and the ability to see how those buttons can be pushed within the current realities we all share. The trick today comes in finding those visionaries… bringing them together… and then harnessing their different abilities to cut through the din, the clutter and the homogeneity. Enter The Observatory.

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