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Making the world a better place.
About 2 years ago, we got a call from CARE. While they were originally formed after WWII to drop supplies to those in war-ravaged Europe who had nothing (this is where the term “care package” comes from), they have evolved over the years. In the 60s they set the standard for global relief agencies, with JFK even using them as the inspiration for the Peace Corps. But in more recent times, CARE has found that sustainable solutions are the only true cure for poverty… teaching people how to care for themselves.

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As CARE journeyed into the poorest parts of the globe, they found repeatedly that the most impoverished areas were places where women are still marginalized and pushed to the fringes of society. CARE found that if they could empower women in these places, they could unlock the incredible human potential that was being wasted. By educating women and getting communities to accept them as productive members of society, CARE found it was the fastest way to address the root causes of poverty. Women with an education, equality and a voice can help stop the spread of disease; start new businesses for additional sources of income; literally move entire societies forward. The risks CARE takes every day in this mission are staggering to those of us who live safe and comfortable lives. (CARE was opening schools in Afghanistan that taught girls alongside boys even while the Taliban were still in power.)

But CARE realized they have an equally daunting task: To introduce the “new” CARE, and its pursuit of global womens’ empowerment, to a new generation of contributors who can help realize this goal. CARE put together a brilliant in-house marketing team whose members gave up highly successful private sector lives to help re-introduce CARE to the world. And they turned to The Observatory to form a partnership that is doing exactly that. From airport dioramas, to television, to the web, to local events…the story is being told in a dramatic way. And the response so far is inspiring and exciting. To learn more, visit


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